Rotwein Blake Architects in Livingston, NJ
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“The role of the architect is to transpose a client’s needs into a functional, aesthetic, psychological environment to serve those needs.” – Edward Blake 1955

This was the mission of Rotwein+Blake upon its founding in 1955 – simple, succinct, yet speaks volumes. The work on which we have built our reputation over the decades still applies to these core tenants. Our clients are our partners, their mission our own. Our process is first and foremost about collaboration.

Since the founding of Rotwein+Blake, we have been privileged to form long-term relationships with some of the nations most respected developers, corporations, and institutions. These enduring partnerships have enabled us to shape the landscape over decades of evolving social, economic, and technical change. The confidence of our clients, at the center of the process, has always been the essential ingredient of our success.

Our cumulative wealth of design and planning experience, built across the diversity of projects and building types, adds immeasurable value to each project and the client experience. We are well versed in the ways of connectivity, location, market pressures, sustainability, and other elements presented by the unique matrix of each project. Through decades of experience, we can take an educated look into the future to anticipate needs not yet evident.

Rotwein+Blake continues to build upon the legacy of its founders: integrity, innovation, and practical solutions that create architecture relevant not only for today but well into the future.