As part of a strategic repositioning initiative aimed at bringing 7 Becker Farm Road to a more leasable and aesthetic state, our team was tasked with transforming the dark and dated lobby and common areas into a modern inviting space.

The refresh included upgrades to the existing finishes, including a new slat ceiling in the elevator lobby and a comprehensive redesign of the cafeteria.  Two new amenity spaces—a conference room and a game room—were also added to cater to the needs of existing tenants and attract new tenants to the building.

Bold contrasting colors on the floors and walls guide attention towards the central focal point of the elevator lobby. An integrated bench features an eye-catching backdrop of acoustical panels, adding visual interest to the space. The linear metal ceiling system (BARZ) defines the ceiling plane while discreetly concealing lighting fixtures.  Sliding felt panels in the cafeteria offer a seamless and transparent division between the gaming and dining sections, enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal.