With the continuing resurgence of the Long Branch beachfront, the lure of the ocean is beginning to stretch its tentacles further to the west.  Located on Broadway just four blocks from the ocean, our new redevelopment project stands as a testament to a public/private partnership crucial in creating new zoning that will enhance the fabric of the community as well as be a viable investment for development.

The zoning for the site was crafted as such to mold a design consisting of uses, scale, and architectural style, that will reflect the unique character of Long Branch’s commercial main street and connection to residential neighborhoods.

The design of the development breaks down into two distinctive wings, on Broadway and down 6th Avenue.  Each contextually to the scale and character of the street.  The 4-story façade fronting Broadway presents a commercial face with an abundance of ground level storefront, signage, and awnings all with uses that will activate and enhance activity on the street.  A mix of cast stone, brick, and clapboard siding are artfully detailed and proportioned to accentuate and enhance the architectural elements and features that make up the façade.

As the building turns down 6th Avenue it drops in scale to 3-stories aligning itself with the scale of the residential neighborhood behind it.  This transition marks a shift to a more residential vocabulary in material, form and detail which both integrates seamlessly with the charm of the surrounding residential context.

With careful consideration given to the rezoning process, the needs of the community and developer, the design ensures that the development successfully enhances the overall urban fabric, and spurs further growth to other neighboring sites in need of redevelopment, ultimately creating a vibrant main street to the beach.