LifeStation’s new headquarters underscores ownership’s commitment to promoting the ongoing well-being of their employees, surpassing conventional standards. The fundamental design objective for LifeStation was to create vibrant spaces throughout the building that would foster a sense of community, collaboration and a shared positive ethos among employees.

The Customer Care center, the focal point of employee activity, was infused with LifeStation’s branding colors creating a vibrant and cohesive workspace that not only reflects the company’s identity but also fosters a sense of unity and professionalism among employees. Carefully selected finishes and lighting solutions create a space for employees to thrive in a positive and energetic environment.

The café area was designed to serve as a multifunctional space for breaks, lunches, town hall meetings, and company events. With an intentional blend of indoor and outdoor elements, we seamlessly curated a vibrant atmosphere that permeates the entire space.

The new headquarters design not only meets the functional needs of the business but also reflects LifeStation’s commitment to establish a workplace that is progressive and healthy for employees.