Rotwein Blake Architects in Livingston, NJ
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Ohr HaTorah

New ground up neighborhood synagogue located in Bergenfield, NJ will become a center of Jewish Life for Congregation OHR HaTorah.


LifeTown is a re-use of a vacant industrial building that will be transformed into a multi-faceted specialized facility serving special needs children and the greater community at large.  The main focus of the building, a 11,000 square foot town center called “LifeTown” a replication of a real downtown village, will teach special needs children life […]

Kesher Synagogue

A progressive and community-minded orthodox congregation which was once crammed in a modest residential (converted) building, has given way to a new modern facility.  Our charge was to design a new building which reflects the values, sense of community, and spirituality of the congregation family.  The existing site is situated on the edge of a […]

Sharey Tefilo Israel

This reform congregation, after many expansions over the course of its 75-year history, presented many challenges to Rotwein+Blake.  The various styles of architecture and competing materials posed the biggest challenge. Rotwein+Blake resolved the disparate styles by designing deceptively simple forms and volumes, in combination with natural complementary materials, creating a successful transition between old and […]

Congregation Beth El

Like many synagogues with outdated, aging, and inefficient infrastructure, as well as major ADA accessibility issues, Congregation Beth-El had significant and complicated challenges to overcome in creating a facility that the next generation could enjoy. Significant demolition, new construction and renovation occurred in a phased approach through out the entire facility to facilitate the program. […]

Frisch School

A former corporate facility became the site of the new Frisch School, a yeshiva for grades 9 – 12.  The challenge and task for Rotwein+Blake was to design a world-class institute of learning. The building and site were completely repurposed for the new use.  Additions for the gymnasium, cafeteria, and main entrance, as well as […]

Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy

Rotwein+Blake transformed the former research and development  headquarters into a sprawling educational campus.  The enormous footprint forced a major renovation; portions of the original building were removed to create courtyards of classrooms, allowing natural light deep into the interior. Roof structures were raised to create gymnasiums, an auditorium, and chapels.  The transformation now allows excellent […]